Thank you for supporting Keep Dreaming Big Project with your donation. People like you make it possible to serve abuse survivors and spread awareness of hidden abuse. A gift can go a long way here at Keep Dreaming Big Project. Together, we make a world of difference for survivors of abuse.

Giving Options

Choose a Specific Fund or Cause

Join us in sending books to local libraries and help victims of abuse access a needed resource and support. Be a part of granting a special Wish for a survivor and their children. Partner with us as we further the awareness of psychological abuse within the mental health profession.


Give a One-Time Gift

We know money doesn’t grow on trees, and it takes a genuine sacrifice to support Keep Dreaming Big Project financially. We greatly appreciate you collaborating with us to reach our mission of helping abuse survivors.

Privacy in Giving

For the confidentiality – and at times personal safety – of our donors, we do not publicly acknowledge donations made to Keep Dreaming Big Project, but please know that our entire Board of Directors is informed when donations are graciously given. Thank you and remember to Keep Dreaming Big!

Become an Ambassador

As a U.S.-based, national charity, we love our Ambassadors! One of the many ways Ambassadors play an essential role within Keep Dreaming Big Project is by hosting fundraising events in their local area. Ambassadors also help connect Keep Dreaming Big Project with potential new non-profit partner agencies for Wish requests and coordinate local speaking and book signing events for co-founder Shannon Thomas to attend in person.  Ambassadors also get creative and introduce new ideas!

With PayPal

To donate with Paypal, our email address is: [email protected]

By Check

Please send check to:
Keep Dreaming Big Project 
231 East Southlake Blvd #160
Southlake, Texas 76092

Give Online

Our email address for Zelle is: [email protected]

Popular Funds

Life-Enriching Wishes

Your gift is the key to unlock Wishes for survivors of abuse. With your support, we are able to directly enrich the lives of victims. Wishes have included annual family passes to the local zoo, the replacement of a beloved musical instrument destroyed in a domestic violence episode, and the creation of a permanent community garden at a safe-house shelter. Through our non-profit partner agencies, we grant Wishes as unique as the survivors who receive them.

Education Campaign

Gifts to Keep Dreaming Big Project fund book donations of Healing from Hidden Abuse to local libraries to help survivors access free resources. KDBP can acquire the book at printing cost, saving several dollars per book. Many victims of psychological and financial abuse cannot purchase materials because of the control maintained by their abuser, and your gift puts educational resources into the hands of these victims. We expanded our education campaign by providing two copies of Healing from Hidden Abuse to mental health professionals; one for their review and another to include as a resource for their counseling clients

Community Events

Through international and domestic community speaking events and workshops, Keep Dreaming Big Project spreads knowledge about abusive relationship patterns and how to help those impacted by this form of harm. In addition, your gift helps to enhance understanding and education within the mental health profession. Keep Dreaming Big Project offers continuing education for counselors, social workers, law enforcement, family law personnel, and others who come in contact with victims of hidden abuse. When survivors of abuse seek help, Keep Dreaming Big Project hopes to have a role in creating a well-informed network of supporters.

About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

Keep Dreaming Big Project is administrated by a fully volunteer Board of Directors. KDBP has no paid staff. All funds (beyond basic administrative needs like web-hosting and charitable giving database) are used directly to fulfill our mission of granting life-enriching wishes for abuse survivors and create global awareness of hidden psychological and financial abuse.

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