About KDBP

Keep Dreaming Big Project desires to bring global awareness to hidden abuse in the form of psychological and financial exploitation.

Our Mission: We grant life-enriching wishes for abuse survivors and create global awareness of hidden psychological and financial abuse.

In collaboration with U.S. based 501(c)(3) non-profit partners, we grant life-enriching wishes for abuse survivors. We support spreading awareness of abuse and restoration through donations of the international bestselling book Healing from Hidden Abuse. We facilitate national and international speaking events to bring global awareness of hidden psychological and financial exploitation. Keep Dreaming Big Project hosts continuing education seminars for licensed mental health professionals to enhance access to quality therapeutic services.

Our Story

How We Got Started

In May 2019, Keep Dreaming Big Project came to life through the vision and dedication of our Founding Board Members. KDBP was co-founded by trauma therapist and international bestselling author Shannon Thomas. Ms. Thomas has worked with thousands of survivors of hidden abuse and saw the need for nonprofit services to enrich the lives of abuse victims.

Where We Are Now

Keep Dreaming Big Project is governed by a five-member – all volunteer – Board of Directors from different professional backgrounds, including the medical field, entrepreneurship, financial sector, social work, and licensed mental health.

Enriching Lives and Spreading Global Awareness since 2019

books donated

$ raised

Partner Agencies

We have raised over $250,000 to Help Survivors of Hidden Abuse Worldwide

Hidden abuse involves psychological, emotional, and financial harm against a victim. It impacts all income demographics, geographical locations, languages, and cultures. The cryptic nature of hidden abuse often goes undetected by even those closest to the survivor. Adults, children, and teens can be targets of hidden abuse.

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